Deuce Hart

In the West End of London, there is one venue on everyone's lips: The Deuce of Hearts. On one side a classic, moody restaurant; the other hosts a fashionable bar - both frequently visited by celebrities of the time. Upstairs hosts four VIP rooms, the management office and an entrance to the upstairs of the seedy table dancing club that backs onto it, with its own two VIP rooms and office. Above all that is the top-floor apartment of the man who owns it all: Peter 'Deuce' Hart. He spends three days a week running his business which actually just means schmoozing with celebrities in the bar. The rest of the time he is doing deals with the high-class criminal underworld in London. Deuce fancies himself as somewhat of a sorcerer because he can cast a few spells, but in reality he is merely fascinated with magick trinkets and mingling with the occultists. His apartment is home to many inconsequential trinkets, though he has managed to acquire a few gems. From the Utash Family he has bought a steelweave suit, from an American sorceror the gamma cane, made just for him, and his prized possession; the Multipass. With this pass he walks anywhere he fancies, usually to just satisfy his curiosity but also to schmooze with more and more types of people. He frequently walks the houses of parliament, acting like he's supposed to be there and endearing himself to politicians by doing impersonations of the prime minister, leader of the opposition, and other prominent politicians.

One gentleman who frequently works with Deuce is Arthur Moriarty who frequently brings whoever he is currently hustling to his restaurant. He has a habit of introducing rich and suggestible customers who frequently come back, and in return Deuce is happy to lend passing aid to his private operations.

Another person who often appears in Deuce's restaurant is often referred to as 'Herr Doktor'; An elderly German doctor with horrible scarring. He mostly comes to deuce to find buyers-come-test-subjects for his cybernetic enhancements. Deuce lets the doktor drink for free in his bar, since keeping him interested is a lucrative business.

Less ethically, but just as important, the Deuce of Hearts is one of the few locations in Britain that politicians and undesirable 'business' partners can meet up, as its VIP rooms are warded and electronically guarded and its owner's eyes have dollar signs instead of pupils. This attracts like likes of corrupt African Warlord Victor Mbutu who spends tons of money in Deuce's business and is treated like a king. Deuce, of course, happily turns a blind eye on his private meetings with senior politicians and Mark Thatcher while he is there.

He is frequently willing to allow Isaac Spechmmen to meet some of the redder politicians that visit his bar because of the reportedly sterling work he has done for happy customers he has hooked him up with.

In early 2010 he joined the organized crime syndicate NEMESIS. Under their command he became stranded in 1989 because of complications in a time travel mission. He has resented NEMESIS ever since.