Doktor Gohn

Born in 1923, Doktor Johann Gohn is a former member of the Nazi party and SS doctor. After the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 he falsified papers to certify his death and fled to Argentina. He is a talented doctor and scientist and while not the most brilliant his iron will and decades of dedication to cybernetics have left him a world authority in the field. Self-experimenting since the 1960s, Gohn has managed to largely overcome the effects of aging and although his body is covered in hideous scars he remains formidable in combat and is immune to pain.

Since the end of WW2 Gohn has, in addition to his cybernetics work, worked with other former Nazis to one day return a Nazi government to Germany. Gohn largely worked as an assassin and as a doctor, dealing with the wounds of his comrades. In 2010 he finds himself alone among active, original Nazis and is seeking out new allies in his continuing quest to restore Nazi Germany and fulfill his eternal duty to the Fuhrer.

In 2010, Gohn is employed by NEMESIS.

Doktor Gohn Fun Fact #3:
Doktor Gohn once met Hitler, it was the proudest day of his life.

Doktor Gohn Fun Fact #8:
Doktor Gohn's prize possession is Annabel, a unique high-powered Luger named after his wartime sweetheart.

Doktor Gohn Fun Fact #27:
Doktor Gohn has never heard of SS Zeitkommando.

Doktor Gohn Fun Fact #36:
Doktor Gohn once butted a Manus Dei monk to death.

Doktor Gohn Fun Fact #37:
Annabel is currently in the possession of Manus Dei.

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