Don Wright

You can tell by the he uses his walk he’s a woman’s man, no time to talk.

Don Wright is a disco fanatic, serious cocaine user and gun for hire, in that order. Don tours the world, coked up to the eyeballs, staying up for days touring disco clubs and, on occasion, shooting people when he needs the money or just more of a buzz.

Don was born in 1966. At the impressionable age of thirteen he witnessed the death of disco. His dreams of becoming the world disco dancing champion were shattered. At sixteen he left his home town of Slough for the underground disco clubs of London. Not having a taste for anything but disco Don slipped into the world of crime to support himself. It was in this seedy underworld that he encountered his other two passions, cocaine and guns. Don was born to shoot pistols but it took years of hard practice and dicey situations for him to gain a mean reputation in the world of organised crime. The cocaine habit largely built itself. Growing tired of the London disco scene Don looked abroad for work as a gun for hire. As the eighties rolled into the nineties Don lived fast and shot faster. Don took any contract that came his way, never paying attention to why the people he was being paid to kill had to die. Disco, loose women, stupendous cocaine use and a blur of contract jobs left him feeling somehow unfulfilled. On the morning of his thirtieth birthday, in some swanky Rio hotel room he couldn’t recall checking into, in a brief moment of sobriety he consigned himself to the fact that disco would never really be coming back and that he would probably need to give serious consideration to his priorities. Don had always wanted the adoration that would come from being the world disco dancing champion but that wasn’t going to happen now but maybe, he thought, he could use his other great talent to gain that adoration. He could still shoot people and people would respect him if only he took the right jobs and only shot the bane of society. Frankly the world needed him, because if it’s got to be done well, it’s got be Don Wright.

Don is generally found in some gaudy disco club, either on the dance floor or doing coke with some cheap floozy he just met. His usual attire, from 1983 to present, is a sharp white suit, pointy black Italian leather shoes, a black shirt with an enormous collar, a gold medallion and enormous gold sunglasses with his blond hair in a distinctly seventies style coupled with a fetching handlebar moustache and a heavy tan.

While Don tends to work freelance, in 2009 he is hired by Hugh Charlesworthy on an indefinite contract.

Don Wright is member of the Dead Hitler Society after shooting dead Hitler in the Führerbunker in 1945.

Don Wright has OAGS stats.