Dr. Mieko Tamakeri

Dr. Tamakeri is a genetic scientist for HACS, mother of Miyuzuki Tamakeri and surrogate mother of Kaori Tamakeri.

In the early days of HACS' genetic development program for time travel, Dr. Mieko Tamakeri was a scientist working on the artificial components of time agent DNA. The two agents born before Kaori: Takeru Hikarino and Ogawa Hatsuharu were artificially grown and incubated by scientific means, however Kaori was the first one to be implanted into a living womb. This method was so much more successful than the previous one that all time agents were born in this way from then on. Kaori was given Dr. Tamakeri's name in honour of her.

A few years later, HACS were approached by a group of Chatuth pleading for help to prevent N from raising their missing god, offering their own demigod conception with their sponsor god, who was to remain nameless. HACS determined that Dr. Tamakeri held the best genetic stock and was invited to mother this new demigod. She accepted and Miyuzuki Tamakeri was conceived through biological means with the mystery Sephanus, with her DNA being quickly 'edited' inside the womb to allow her to use HACS time travel.

Dr. Tamakeri possesses slight telepathic ability. A small sample of her genetic code is included in that of Hana Shinzo.

Dr. Tamakeri still works for HACS and acts as mother to Kaori and Miyuzuki.