Vlad III of Wallachia (1431-1476, 1476-1896, 2009-), also known as Vlad the Impaler, Dracula and William Dracoson, is a former Slavic warlord, the first vampire and the most powerful human or formerly human wizard to ever live.


Vlad, while a member of Wallachian royalty by blood, was born in Transylvania, the second son of Vlad II Dracul. While there is a historical record of his mortal life (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlad_III_the_Impaler), this is believed by occult scholars to be in many ways inaccurate, possibly the result of Vlad using his considerable magickal powers, both vampiric and otherwise to alter mortal memories of his life.

Vlad almost certainly studied magick under The Devil at the Scholomance, a school of dark magick located in Transylvania, where time was bent to allow him and nine others to study nine years worth of magick in a single night. Vlad and eight of the other scholars were allowed to return to earth to work evil, while the tenth was claimed by Satan and taken down into Hell. It was here that Dracula learnt both Egyptian necromancy and Aztec blood magick; two disciplines he would later fuse together to grant himself eternal life.

Vlad also almost certainly became an accomplished warrior and general at some point ruled Wallachia. History records he had three separate reigns, but this is almost certainly an artifact of memory alteration- it seems impossible that Dracula could have been removed from power once he attained it.


Dracula has performed a vast number of rituals designed to grant him a vast array of magickal powers and as a result of Dracula's magickal alterations of himself, he returned to life after his death in 1476 as the first vampire. It is worth noting that not only does Dracula possess all known vampiric powers, but that a large portion of his ritual-granted powers are not connected to vampirism (and therefore were not passed down to other vampires and, more important, are accessible during the day).

Following his resurrection, Dracula travelled across Europe, siring other vampires like him. It is notable that he seems to have a greater degree of control over the exact nature of the vampires he creates than is normal. For instance, his "children" can be divided roughly into two groups. The first group, sometimes termed the "Brides of Dracula" have only the basic vampiric powers, coupled with a sort of mindless obedience (the latter may be a result of these vampires being generally kept in close proximity to Dracula and therefore being exposed to his supernatural charisma nigh constantly), whereas the second group, sometimes called "the Progenitors" each exhibit, and pass down to their "children", one of Dracula's additional powers. For instance, Gabriel Iago manifested Dracula's superhuman powers of persuasion; Elizabeth Bathory manifested his ability to turn himself into mist and so on. It is believed there are fewer than 10 Progenitors.

Dracula tended to create "brides" whenever he found a girl or woman (or, on rare occasions, a boy or man) who he found sexually attractive, whereas each of the Progenitors were exceptional individuals that he selected only after much observation. In addition, he remained with the Progenitors only long enough to teach them the nature of their new existence, whereas he retained his "brides" until he grew tired of them, at which point he typically destroyed them.

Dracula continued in this existence, moving from country to country, but maintaining his home base in Castle Dracula in Transylvania, until the late 19th century, when he attempted to establish a foothold in Britain, seeing it as the emerging capital of the world. In the process, however, he incurred the anger of a group of individuals led by veteran vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. They managed to rout him from Britain and intercept him on route back to Transylvania. They attacked him by day and destroyed him.

They then formed the Van Helsing Group, placing Dracula's ashes under guard within Castle Dracula, which they took possession of.

Powers and Abilities

By day, Dracula has excellent, but not superhuman, speed and reflexes. His strength and durability are moderately superhuman, approximately on a level comparable to that of a large bear. He heals at an accelerated rate and he is immune to poison and disease. In addition he has five hundred years of accumulated skill and knowledge, an asset which ought not to be underestimated. He is superhumanly persuasive and, while he does not seem to be actually able to read minds, is able to discern without fail whether or not people are lying to him. In addition, he is a sorcerer of unmatched talent and experience.

By night, Dracula's speed, reflexes and senses are augmented to extraordinarily high levels. His strength and durability become almost unlimited and his supernatural charisma becomes true, almost irresistible, mind control. In addition, during the night, Dracula can control wild animals, manipulate the weather, shapeshift into the form of any animal and into mist and perceive and interact with incorporeal objects and beings. Finally, his healing factor is improved by an order of magnitude during the hours of darkness.