Draft Ability descriptions

In the normal human population:

1 About 1 in 6 people
2 About two-thirds of all people
3 About 1 in 6 people
4 About 1 in a thousand people
5 About 1 in a million people
6 About 1 in a billion people


1: Extremely spatially unaware, or scarcely able to move.
2: Average human.
3: Average human who is quick, accustomed to fighting or otherwise, very spatially aware.
4: Elite soldier, Black belt, Average Phantom, Juvanni
5: Epic Swordsman, Phantom Soldier
6: Kano Jigoro, St. George
10: The Puck


1: Poor depth perception, unsuitable hands or disgust against guns. Most Phantoms, Khules, Genevive Dubois
2: Average Human, An'tak
3: Sporting Human, Average Soldier, Average Witch/Warlock
4: World Class Cricket/Baseball pitcher, Elite Soldier, Experienced Sorcerer
5: Experienced Sniper, James Bond, Combat Sorcerer, Mighty Wizard
6: Scaramanga, Don Wright, Nick Slater
10: Apollo, The left arm of Hana Shinzo.


1: Poor hand eye co-ordination, blunderous up-close, or strong pacifist tendencies. Father John Creed
2: Average Human
3: Amateur martial artist, Thug, Civil Police, Most Soldiers
4: Most marines or special forces, experienced martial artists, Most Samurai, Most men referred to as 'Crusher', Most An'tak and Juvanni
5: Experienced black belts, Legendary Knights and Samurai. An'Tak and Juvanni warriors
6: Bruce Lee, Jack Steen, Miyamoto Musashi, An'Tak Chieftens, Juvanni elites
7: Juvanni Champions, An'Tak Warlords
8: The Juuvani Grand Champion, Dracula at night, Thor without his belt.
10: Pallas Athena


1: Weak human, crippled human, or a child. Can bench press less than 40kg. Kaori Tamakeri, Most Shrekes.
2: Average Human. Can bench press about 60kg.
3: Sporting human, average soldier, thug, builder. Can bench press about 100kg.
4: Weight-lifter, special forces. Can bench press about 180kg.
5: Professional weight-lifter, circus strongman. Can bench press about 300kg. Herr Hans Olafson, average vampire at night.
6: World's Strongest Man, gorilla, Juvanni warrior. Can bench press about 500kg.
7: An'tak warrior. Can bench press about 800kg.
8: An'tak chieften, average transformed werewolf. Can bench press about 1500kg.
9: Thor without his belt, An'tak warlord, . Can bench press about 2500kg.
10: Heracles, Thor with his belt, Dracula by night. Can bench press more than 4000kg.


1: Frail or sickly human. Most Shrekes.
2: Average Human
3: Average Viking, Well-built human, Most Soldiers
4: Marines, Knights, Well-worn soldiers, Well-built Vikings
5: Veteran Marines, Heroic Knights, Berserkers, average vampire at night
6: Toughest bastard alive: Herr Hans Olafson
7: Rasputin by day, An'Tak Warriors
8: An'Tak Chieftens
9: An'Tak Warlords
10: Ares, Golems, Rasputin by night


1: Grossly unfit, or detrimentally stiff and bulky. Muan Murkfreaks.
2: Average human.
3: Fit or lithe human. Average soldier.
4: Incredibly fit human, Average An'tak or Werewolf, Superior special forces.
5: Extremely fast and fit human. Average Phantom. Ninja, Incan Runner, Professional Athlete. Ethan Hunt.
6: Legendarily fast and fit human. Time Nazi She-Wolf Sister, Ted Austin. Usain Bolt.
8: Phantom Special Forces, Legendary An'Tak Huntsmen, She-wolf of the SS Zeitkommando
10: Hermes.


1: Significantly below average. IQ below 85. Most An'Taks
2: Average. IQ between 85 and 115
3: Smart. IQ between 115 and 145
4: Very clever. IQ between 145 and 175
5: Genius. IQ above 175 and becomes hard to test properly. Most Shrekes, Dr. House.
6: Super-genius. One of the smartest people on the planet. Percival Adler, Doctor Schadenfreude, Stephen Hawking
8: Merlin, Psid, King Adia Kanash-Kar, Odin
10: Kaea, Alpha Intelligence


1: Poor eyesight or sluggish reactions. Most Thiealeks.
2: Average human.
3: Good eyesight and hand-eye co-ordination. Pilots.
4: Great eyesight and hand-eye co-ordination. Ace pilots and drivers. Most Trilians.
5: Eagle-eyed human. Peter Lexy. Seasoned Snipers.
6: Incredibly eagle-eyed human. Columbo.
7: Trillian Seasoned Sniper.
10: Artemis.


1: Socially inept or awkward. Perhaps separated from others for a long time. Most Sererinth. Pai Mei.
2: Average human with normal social development.
3: Personable human. Salesmen, Hosts.
4: Persuasive human. Most Phantoms. Con men, socialite, diplomats, politicians
5: Extremely personable or persuasive human. James Bond.
6: Paragon of human personability. Julian Adler. Phantom Conmen.
8: Maurice Colverston-Fitt
10: Loken


1: Wimps and cowards. Easily bullied and seduced. Most children.
2: Normal human.
3: Disciplined human. Soldiers, doctors, firemen, priests.
4: Hardened human. Special forces, experienced doctors, spies.
5. Iron-willed human. Hashshashin warrior, Il-Sec Operative.
6. Anna Smith, Number 6.
10. Zeus