Draft- OAGS Skills

This might be implemented as core rules, optional rules or just an alteration to how some Advantages works.

A Skill is like an Ability in that it is a trait with a rating, which can be rolled. Unlike Abilities, not all characters have any given Skill.

Possible Skills:

  • Medicine. 1cp/rank. Rank 5 Medicine is as good as Lesser Healing.
  • Magick (replaces Dabbler, Warlock, Sorcerer and Wizard) 2cp/rank.
  • Leadership (replaces Leader) 1cp/rank.
  • Craft (replaces Mechanic and Engineer) 2cp/rank
  • Piloting/Control Vehicle 1cp/rank
  • Any other ideas?

The Big Difference between Skills and Abilities is that Abilities are useful to everyone in the party, while only one person needs any given Skill per party. This is why Stealth, for example, is staying an Ability; a party is as stealthy as it's least stealthy member.

Didn't I suggest this a while ago?

Not that I recall. You think it's a good idea then?

Yes, but some may be worth less than the points you would have to put in them. Consider starting them at 2, and possibly 3 if say one or two relevant stats are above average. ie. Engineer starts at 2, but since the character has a high intelligence it starts at 3.

Probably not gonna link them to any existing stats, since that kinda defeats the point. Still not sure of the exact scale that they'll use, but it won't be the same scale as Abilities: skills rated at 1 should still be useful. I may have all Skills rated from 1 to 5, though with different costs-per-rank, obviously.