Dragons are a species of immensely powerful supernatural creatures. A full grown dragon has a 200 metre long body, a 40 metres long head, a 400 metres long tail and a 500 metres wide wingspan. Save for the most powerful of angels, dragons are by far the most powerful species in the universe.

Dragons are capable of breathing dragonfire. Dragonfire is part flaming liquid, part gas and is incredibly hot. In addition, dragons have strength and stamina proportionate to their immense bulk and are capable of flight with remarkable speed and agility despite their size. Dragons' scales are made of the same substance as Atlantean steel and are 2 to 3 metres thick. This makes dragons almost indestructible unless struck in one of the weak spots where gaps between scales exist. One such weak spot in the lower neck, about a foot across, is exposed immediately prior to breathing fire. Even when targetting such weak spots, however, dragons are exceptionally tough, requiring high explosives or something of comparable power to injure, let alone kill.