Drink Orders of the Hughniverse

The favored drink of Hughniverse characters. Just for fun, much in the vein of Casting the Hughniverse.

Hugh Charlesworthy(Alcoholic): Gin and Tonic
Hugh Charlesworthy(Non-Alcoholic): Tea with cream and sugar, in times of peace. Tea with milk in times of war.

Julian Adler(Alcoholic): Irish Whiskey
Julian Adler(Non-Alcoholic): Tea with lemon

Percival Adler(Alcoholic): Vodka(Polish, if you have it)
Percival Adler(Non-Alcoholic): Black Coffee

Merlin(Alcoholic): Mead
Merlin(Non-Alcoholic): No, I said "Mead".

Korokar(Alcoholic): BEER!
Korokar(Non-Alcoholic): MILK!

Jack Steen(Alcoholic): A 'cold one'
Jack Steen(Non-Alcoholic): Legally obliged to buy Pepsi

Maurice Colverston-Fitt(Alcoholic): Screaming Orgasm, Slippery Nipple or Sloe Comfortable Screw
Maurice Colverston-Fitt(Non-Alcoholic): Shirley Temple

Saxton Hale(Alcoholic): Tequila.
Saxton Hale(Non-Alcoholic): Tabasco.