Dubriel is a loyalist angel. She is a ophanim who one of several servants to Archangel Michael.

At some point in her service, she is caught unduly punishing a mortal for a forgivable slight. She was sentenced by Archangel Raphael to live out a mortal life and her soul was sealed into a baby in Hiroshima, 2112. As she performs more and more good deeds at her expense and inconvenience, she regains more and more of her angelic wisdom and power. At 16 years of age, she became friends with Kaori Tamakeri, Aika Hinomoto and three others when she enrolled in Kano Jigoro high school. None are aware of each other's strange backgrounds, as each has a prerogative to keep it secret.

Her human side is infatuated with another HACS agent attending her school; Takeru Hikarino.