Duke's Shipping Company

The London Occult community is the largest in the world, and occult activities often demand occult staff. These can be headhunted, hired, found or trained just like in any other job, but this method of recruitment is like finding a needle in a haystack, and will often attract some serious heat from others who may be after the same prize. In most cases, it is often easier to simply pay money to someone and receive an employee. Duke's shipping company is the prime place in Britain, and indeed the world to make such transactions.

Duke's is the brainchild and chief project of Duka Gara Utash, head of the shreke Utash family. He and the rest of his family is involved in the business, but it is mainly administrated by him and his son, Jeram Utash. He and his staff use portal magick to visit other parallel universes and take members of other xenoform species back to Earth. The methods they use to do this vary; often they will lure victims into a trap and take them over when they are helpless, sometimes they will ambush and subdue them before taking them. For metropolitan races, such as Phantoms, they can persuade some of their down-and-outs to go into indentured servitude. In some cases, they will barter for slaves with already existing traders, or even set up satellite slave trades where there are none for extra profit. They are also in the business of capturing, breaking and trading humans, both to other humans and dimensional export.

There are distinct tiers of slave that Duke's sell. The highest are the 'Elite Slaves'. These are rare, lucky, priceless finds and include rare species, or a slave with rare powers and training. Such examples include unknown xenoform species as curio, withouts, trillian engineers, raient assassins, anything with particularly miraculous mutations and so on. These are not sold at the warehouse, but in auction at the Utash country estate, often with lavish parties and a whole host of invited guests with the auction of but one or two of these priceless living artifacts as the main attraction. Even some of the more righteous members of the occult community can be seen at these events, such as Lord Malfortune, even if it is to just 'look at the new xeno thing' rather than actually buy. Elite slaves with special skills tend not to be slavebroken too deeply, or even at all, since doing so reduces their effectiveness and value. Instead, they are fitted with expensive domination measures that would be too costly to put on other slaves. Such methods include magick items such as the domination circlet, failsafe chips implanted into the cerebellum, outsourced telepathic reprogramming and so on. A favourite in these auctions are elite phantom special forces, many of whom often just agree to be sold to escape their former life. They are also outfitted with some of the best gear the shrekes can produce. These slaves never go for less than £20 million and can push the envelope at £100 million.

The next tier are 'High-End Slaves'. These include psychics, sorcerors, mutants with useful features and uncommon xenoforms. They also include capable slaves or a variety of races trained to a high standard or martial prowess or magick use by the company themselves. The company also takes specific orders to capture and/or train specific varieties of this level. They are equipped with high-quality, sometimes magick gear and typically go for between £8 million and £15 million.

After that, there are 'Good Slaves'. These include common, well-fed xenoforms in their prime years, very deeply slavebroken and trained to a decent standard of combat or a high standard of service (such as for industry, lab/magick assistance, domestic service and so on). This category also contains strong things that are not slave-broken at all and kept in cages, ready for release into underground gladiatorial combat. These slaves can fetch up to £1-3 million, depending on how rich the buyer looks. Imps typically tend to sell for half of what any other slave would, due to the rife predjudice against them in the occult community.

Finally, there are the 'Weak Slaves'. The children, elderly and infirm that just happened to be taken by the slavers, or a new type of xenoform that upon later inspection turned out to be not much use. The stronger looking child slaves tend to be picked up by occultists hoping to raise a loyal lackey or future lieutenant, some of the elderly for light service and any of these taken for vivisection. Typically, if one of these isn't sold within a month of acquisition, they are disposed of.