Egyptian Gods

The Egyptian gods, known to themselves as the Nytr, were a group of xenoforms who made contact with the Ancient Egyptians in approximately 3500 B.C. They had discovered an Atlantean portal to Earth from their universe, which they call Nyt. They intermarried with mortals and it was a Nytr-human hybrid called Narmer who first united Lower and Upper Egypt. For more than 2000 years, the Nytr feuded with, loved, killed and ruled over the people of Egypt. The line of the Pharohs regularly interbred with the Nytr. In approximately 1350 B.C. the Nytr were overthrown. Their chosen Pharoh invoked the anger of the Loyalist Faction of angels and the land was ravaged by the wrath of the archangel Azrael. In the chaos and confusion that followed, a strange old man infiltrated the Giza Pyramid and sealed the portal to Nyt. Most of the Nytr were trapped away from Earth, though a few remained in Egypt along with line of the Pharohs, which began to become inbred, trying to conserved the blood of the gods.

Over the 2000 years that the Nytr interacted with the Egyptians, various members of the pantheon rose and fell in influence. Horus-Ra, Osiris, Isis and Setesh all intermingled their blood with that of the Pharohs. The most dramatic struggle was between Setesh and Osiris. Setesh killed Osiris and scattered the body across the desert, but Isis summoned Osiris' ghost and the testimony of the dead god roused Horus to action. Horus did not kill Setesh, but he beat him to within an inch of death and threw Setesh's unconscious body into the Nile.

Horus-Ra: Hawk-headed, with power over fire, air and sunlight, Horus-Ra's most potent ability is that he reincarnates when killed, his soul being reborn in the body of a newborn child. First known as Horus, he reincarnated as Atum, then Ra, then Amun and finally as Horus-Ra.

Osiris: Killed by Setesh, Osiris is the mere ghost of a god, but he is still a god amoungst ghosts. Although no longer a contender for leader of Nytr, Osiris is now Lord of the Dead and with that he is content.

Isis: The most powerful sorcerer amoungst the Nytr, Isis is the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus-Ra's current incarnation.

Setesh: Grim, violent and cruel, the murderer of Osiris is only tolerated by the other Nytr for his incrediable prowess in battle. Setesh is a superhuman fighter and a strategist without peer. It was Setesh who slew the dragon Apep. But Setesh is also selfish and rageful, seething with hatred of the one being who has bested him in combat: Horus.