Elsa Kloch

Despite having all odds against them, the Time Nazis are a persistent and effective force in the Theta Wars because of their unparalleled leadership. Beneath the iron will and stares of Dr. Strom are the lions that lead the SS Zeitkommando. These leaders are chosen for their determination, brains, brutality and their sadistic joy of vanquishing their enemies. Even amongst the Time Nazis, none come more sadistic than Elsa Kloch, She-Wolf of the SS-Zeitkommando.

Elsa's career began in early 1943 when she was made governor of a concentration camp after a shady liaison with Adolf Hitler when she was just 19 years old. From their contact, she contracted Lycanthropy.The emotional and hormonal confusion this caused in her body would lean her towards sadistic tendencies and a high sexual charge. She quickly learned that if these desires went unfulfilled she would turn into her wolf form and would cause varying amounts of trouble, as well as usually ending up in torn rags and covered in blood in some nearby field. Luckily she had a camp full of willing guards and unwilling Jews to take out her frustrations on. By the time the war ended she had stepped up her act to decadent orgies, violent rapings and fatal mutilations; guards and Jews alike. When the allies pushed into West Germany Elsa fled to Amsterdam where she worked as a prostitute to overcome her insatiable urges, along with consumption of the easy Dutch drugs. A year later, an operative from occult force prime posing as a customer handcuffed her to a bed before revealing his intentions. He sedated Elsa before she could transform into a wolf.

Elsa was taken back to a facility beneath a farm in Massachusetts, and after a series of invasive and undignified tests she was frozen in a primitive cryo-tube and shipped to a secretive mid-Atlantic facility for safekeeping. This facility was transferred to the control of the Agency under the administration of President Gore in 2003, and again to the Illuminati sometime in the 2020s, where it remained with minimum staff to keep it operational while it would remain largely undisturbed until 2101.

In 2101, war was beginning. The rising nations of Industocracy and Ascension were challenging America's might and the master church was causing chaos all over. It was under this cover that Dr. Strom's mission to resurrect the Nazi party and usher in a glorious fourth German empire. The Doctor and some of his Zeitkommandos infiltrated this island base looking for long confiscated secret projects of their own and others, but recovered Elsa as a bonus.

The primitive cryogenics employed by occult force prime would have killed most people, but only damaged werewolf Elsa moderately. She recovered quickly and was soon promoted into Dr. Strom's inner circle. She founded the order of the She-Wolves, an all-female pack of werewolf assassins almost as sadistic and cruel as she is.