Emergency Temporal Summoner

Doctor Bernard Hughes, studying under Albert Einstein in Department T, created this device to help time agents in the field by summoning to their location, from elsewhere in the time line, helpful supplies. The device however was not without its flaws. Though it works, exactly what it summons from among its pre-programmed selection seems to occur at random, it is also seems to have the ability to draw temporal free agents towards it, again, seemingly at random. More worryingly, after being used, the device itself travels through time and space to a random location.

The device itself resembles a metal cylinder 30cm in length and about 5 cm in diameter. It has nine numbered buttons, though pressing any of these activates the device. It is somewhat warm to the touch. It bears the legend "PROPERTY HM GVMT" and beneath that "DPMT T"

Should a PC attempt to use the device, roll a D10 and consult the following table:

1/ Theta Weapons Cache.
A few large chests of Theta Era weapons and ammunition, GM's discretion.

2/ 1 tonne of gold bars, stacked on palates, stamped with the seal of the US Federal Reserve.

3/ 12 large, full English breakfasts. No mushrooms. A variety of sauces.

4/ A T-35, fully armed and operational.
Not a T-34?

5/ 1945 British Military Weapons Cache.
Large chests of Anglo-American arms and ammunition circa WWII, GM's discretion.

6/ A case of exceptionally fine brandy

7/ Jaguar Mk IV, Jaguar Green, naturally.

8/ Near Future Helicopter Gunship - GM's Discretion

9/ A working example of the British Rail flying saucer

10/ Temporal Free Agent, roll again:

Free Agents are summoned but are under no obligation to help the PCs. For simplicities sake, they are always equipped with some manner of recall device as well as what would be described as there standard equipment.

1/ Heinrich Himmler (someone isn't going to be happy)
2/ Don Wright
3/ Sgt Thunder
4/ An angel (If a character with True Faith activates the device, the angel will always be loyalist, if a character with Being of Darkness uses the device, the angel will always be Rebel. Otherwise, GM's discretion)
5/ Kaori Tamikari
6/ Jack Steen
7/ Professor Einstein
8/ Ernst Strom
9/ Vlad Green
10/ Hugh Charlesworthy

I think a better list may be like this:

Roll 1d10 for Type:
1 - Angel (Same rules as above)
2 - Random Dagonite
3 - Random Time Nazi Agent
4 - Random IOM Agent
5 - Random N Agent
6 - Random Chrono Force Elite Agent
7 - Random Master Church Agent
8 - Random Alpha Machine Agent
9 - Random HACS Agent
10 - Random Department T Agent

Then Roll 1d10 for relative rank. A higher number represent a higher rank or power level. It's not a precise science, but obvious ones are obvious, ie. 10, 10 gives you Hugh Charlesworthy. 3, 1 Will give you an anonymous soldat. 1, 7 will probably give you one of the more important four winged angels. As there are less than 10 HACS agents, you can just pick the one that takes your fancy.

I think it's worth considering the consequences of potentially drawing Theta agents to before the Nexus.
That was the design.