ESPLER stands for Enhanced Synapse Psychics for the Liberation of East Russia. They are active in both 2059 and the Theta Wars.

ESPLER are one of many small, scattered resistance groups against the Illuminati government in 2059, and against IOM in the Theta Wars. They are based in Zarubino, between Vladivostok and the Korean Border.

Their main strength is the number of psychics counted amongst their numbers. They headhunt active psychics who may be enemies of the Illuminati and recruit them into their ranks. They also look for latent or suppressed psychic ability amongst east Russian populace and work with those who possess it to bring it to surface. ESPLER also have access to several technologies and rituals associated with tapping and empowering psychic ability, as well as a plethora of non and semi-supernatural exercises that aid in channelling and controlling psychic energy. Most members have their powers at least buffed up with a synapse enhancement ritual, hence their name. Many have taken extra training, rituals and augmentation, and some have gone to truly horrifying lengths to exert certain mastery over their psychic discipline.

Yearning for the days of the old USSR, when Mother Russia was mighty and would laugh in the face of the Americans, ESPLER are extremely socialist. There is no figurehead leader as such, but they do recognise differences in psychic power levels and effort put into the fight. There are no real ranks; everyone is called 'Comrade' or simply by their callsign. If the Illuminati were ever to fall, ESPLER would then immediately go about instating a red government and returning glory to their homeland.

In 2059, ESPLER are suspicious of no-one who hates the Illuminati. With so many skilled telepaths on their side, why should they be? They count many friendly groups across the world, but only few are willing to trust this extreme association more than they can throw them. If they can get past the idea of self-flagellating the mind, their bright red politics dissuade many more. PENDRAGON are among their more trusted allies. They are also rumoured to have contact with a similar psychic group in isolationist Japan, but this is always denied.

In the Theta Wars, ESPLER will take any and all seeking solace from the Industocracy's war against psychics and mages. They fight vigorously against IOM and fear the Alpha Machine. They are unfriendly towards Chrono Force Elite after Hana Shinzo executed five prisoners from their ranks after they tried to mindrape her mind when they met on a recon mission in Shanghai. They frequently ally with the Time Nazis when they attack the Industocracy.

In the Russian language, ESPLER's original and principle language, the organisation's name is Расширение Cинапс Экстрасенсов за Oсвобождение Восточного России, with the acronym РCЭOВР.

Notable Figures:
Deadpan - A fearless telepath well versed in fire magick.