Ethan Blackwood

Born 1862 in England to a minor noble, Ethan lived a double life between finishing school and the drunken criminal underworld of London town. While tracing the infamous Whitechapel murders of 1888 he stumbled across one of the young women that was supposed to be dead by the Ripper's hand. Instead, she was made a vampire and in turn sired Ethan to her servitude. Not long after that she was killed by her master, presumably just for fun. Isolated from Jack the Ripper's chain of command, he began to make his own way in the world, playing his vampiric ace whenever possible. It is at this point that he was approached by Sir Mitch Reginald and joined the Royal Council of Free Vampires.

During WWI, his patriotic duty and his love for seduction and murder went hand in hand as he joined the British special forces. He tracked down and eliminated central powers agents wherever he could root them out. In the second war, he saw the Nazi party as a bunch of odious fanatics, and worked covertly to murder Nazi officials in occupied Europe such as he did in the first.

Since then, his involvement with the occult underground has provided him with sources of both money and blood. He has done jobs for organizations such as The Agency, Occult Force Elite and The Brotherhood as well as various well-paying lone sorcerers. Since 2012 he has signed an exclusive contract with a Mr. Smith which would pay him a salary even if there were no jobs available, but would only work for him. For the last year on this contract, he has done mainly xenotech trader and sorcerer-busting jobs alongside various other mercenaries.

Even to occultists, he doesn't reveal his identity as a vampire. He sells himself as a talented fighter that prefers to work under the cover of darkness. He swears no allegiance of any kind to Lucifer or The Ripper but can scarcely help the sadistic and sociopathic tendencies his affliction brings. He is sympathetic towards other vampires, and has a hatred of all things werewolf.