Extended WWII

Extended World War Two is the banner term for the time travel based element of the Second World War. It was fought between Department T of British Military Intelligence and the SS Zeitkommando.

Like all time travel based conflicts it is difficult to assert a definite start date and end date for the conflict. The Nazis hold that the opening move was made by Albert Einstein when he travelled back in time to assassinate Adolf Hitler. However, Hugh Charlesworthy argues that the SS must have been experimenting with the timeline before then to even have been aware of the change.

Initially Hugh Charlesworthy fought Hitler alone, apparently killing him numerous times. However the SS Zeitkommando were always on hand to foil his efforts retrospectively and claw themselves back to power. Eventually Hugh came up with a plan to dismantle the Zietkommando, however, concerned by his already massive number of appearances in history at that time, he decided to recruit Operation Team H to act as his proxy. They eventually succeeded in both killing Hitler and, apparently, wiping out the Zietkommando in 1948. This was the official end of Extended World War Two, although Department T continued to exist for some years, before being eventually shut down in 1960.

This is the version of events recorded in the sealed files of Department T, however, the history books record that Hitler committed suicide in the face of the Russian advance in 1945 and, even more bizarrely, among occult circles it is considered a 'well known fact' that Adolf Hitler was in fact a werewolf. What Hugh Charlesworthy thinks about all this is currently unknown and, since time travel is currently outlawed in the United Kingdom, it seems like the official record may never be updated.