The Fae are beings from beyond Reality. Only half real, they take shape, substance and power from the myths of sentient beings. They are beings of liminal spaces; inhabitating the boundry being reality and myth, between one universe and the next. Fae are immune to all kinds of magick, including rituals, ritual-granted abilities, enchanted items and psychic powers. Though they can never use magick themselves, they have their own strange powers rooted in illusion, enchantment and glamour.


Iron is the bane of all fae. Ferrous metals cut apart the gossamer bodies they craft for themselves and even touching iron or steel burns the flesh of the fairies. The most powerful of the fae are unable even to approach any significant quantity of iron, being gripped by an intense phobia by the mere presence of the metal.

Fae manifest in Reality through Yggdrassil; the Tree Between Worlds. It's unknown if Yggdrassil is caused by the fae entering into Reality or if the unique situation of Yggdrassil, a World-That-Is-Not-A-World, is a crack in substance of Reality that allows the fae to manifest.

The fae can reproduce after a fashion, crafting beings out of glamour. These beings are as unreal as their makers, but, since they are patterned on humans and other natural sentients, tend to be more comprehensable to mortals. Indeed, it has been known for babies to be stolen by the fae and replaced with glamour-forged duplicates, who can live their whole lives never knowing they are made of naught but gossmer. These beings are known as changelings.

The elder fae, born fully formed from beyond Reality, are commonly known to occultists as the "Lords of Fairie". Included in their number are the feuding lovers Titania and Oberon, the icy and vicious Queen Mab, the mighty Santa Claus and possibly the strange being known as Robin Goodfellow or the Puck. The fae lords are strange, mad creatures, obsessed with sentience though they can never understand it. The reasons they have for their actions are rarely comprehensible and never, by mortal standards, sane. For some reason, possibly because they forged forms for themselves from mortal stories, the elder fae are unable to lie or break the letter of a sworn oath. They are, none the less, masters of deceiving mortals utterly while speaking no word of a lie.

The younger fae make up the bulk of the faerie population and include the dimunitive flying sprites, the huge and hideous trolls, the Älfar and their cousins the Weisälfar and Svartälfar and the deceptive and greedy gobele. They are much more like the mortals they are patterned after than the elder fae. It would be a mistake to think that simply because these species of fae were created by the elder fae that they lack free will; most such fae are the product of the fae lords' obsession with sentience of which a free will is an integral part. Unlike their elders, such fae are free to lie and betray mortals and each other.

Much as the elder fae craft the younger fae from glamour in the image of mortals, so to do the younger fae craft pets in the image of mortal animals. There exist many species of fairy animals, from the beautiful and deadly unicorn to the simply deadly worg.

All fae, especially the fae lords, are ultimately foreign to reality. The places where a fae lord, a large community of lesser fae, or both, have dwelt for a long time, forms a kind of pocket universe, accessible from the outside only under specific conditions, such as while walking backwards on a full moon or having walked thrice widdershins around a empty bucket. This phenomena is poorly understood by occultists, but some have theorized that such worlds are akin to scar tissue, formed by the universe arround a foreign body. Time and space are often distorted within such pocket universes.

Fae dwell mainly the the nine worlds that hang from the World Tree. Svartaflfheim and Alfheim as especially populated with the younger fae, having had no native mortal inhabitants to use iron against them. The elder fae, by contrast, prefer to dwell in secluded areas of worlds populated by mortals, such as Asgard, Vannaheim, Jotunheim and Earth.