Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the primary investigative arm of the United States Department of Justice, serving as both a federal criminal investigative body and a domestic intelligence agency.

The FBI does not generally have a great deal of interest or knowledge regarding the occult. The minority of agents who have had experience with the occult generally fall into two categories; those allied with the Agency and those allied with the Military Intelligence Bureau. While both groups are obliged by their orders to inform the MIB of all possible occult incidents, the former group often manage to inform the Agency first and ensure that the report to the MIB is delayed by a few days, often enough time for the Agency to deal with the incident. The latter group are likely to report any occult incident immediately to Area 51.

The previous Director of the FBI was fired by Sam Morris shortly after Morris' election because Morris' believed the Director to be an Illuminatus. It is in fact the Director's personal secretary who was and still is an Illuminatus. She is also a powerful telepath and remains both employed by and in control of the Bureau.