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God Damn nested replies.

OFE are the eccentric team america types, and generally working for good or for awesome. MIB are shady government types who always want to subjugate or murder

Manus Dei: It could be a new angle for them, but I get it if you want to keep them intolerant.

Charlesworthy Institute: They are largely an R&D/Manufacturer. H owever they would need to perform investigations when necessary. Alos they are lead by an exccentric adventuring millionaire who has a plasma gun and nanomail armor. Seraphim would possibly fulfil a similar and rival role.

You think both OFE and MIB? I think they kind of fill the same niche and we only really need one.

Regarding Hashshashin and Manus Dei, I'm not sure why fanatical Muslim monster hunters and fanatical Catholic monster hunters would get on well with each other, especially given Manus Dei is characterized as pretty intolerant.

With regard to the Charlesworthy Institute, I was meaning to ask; do you guys (especially asking this to Phil) see them as doing monster hunting of their own? I see them more as making super-tech weapons and selling them to the Agency than sending out teams of their own. Seraphim Industries and the Charlesworthy Institute should have a friendly rivalry going on of the "turn up at the same parties and snark over champagne" kind.

Manus Dei: Agree. Could also accept recruits/work closer with other religious militant orders ie hashshashin.
Military Intelligence Bureau: They need to exist, I think, just in a less severe manner.
Order of Dracula: Agree.
Hashshashin: See manus dei.
Blitzwulfen: Keep, but change their remit to be more along the lines of self-centered thugs, or using their organized nature to become focussed on something; again, self-centered.
Cabal of Mu: Stay as they are, but agree with the 'tone down cthulu'

Occult Force Elite: As a rival to the agency. Sometimes antagonists in missions, sometimes allies against a greater threat. Definitely american based, would like to distance from government, possibly backed by some sort of mad billionaire.

Seraphim Industries/Charlesworthy Institute: With hints of tech-beyond-tech. Later become IOM/AM/Maginology cult.
Master Church: They worship 'the aliens'.

Thinking about the minor groups of the Hughniverse; especially my part of it.

  • Manus Dei: I still think these guys are cool. Special forces Jesuits who dual-weild P90s and silver swords. I'd like to keep these guys more or less as-is.
  • Military Intelligence Bureau: They were fun, but I think we might have told all the stories we can with them. Replace with something new?
  • Order of Dracula: Definitely played out. If we keep them, move them to the sidelines. Dracula had his time as Big Bad, he shouldn't dominate in the Twoniverse.
  • Hashshashin: I'd like to keep these guys around; they are fun, if a little one-note.
  • Blitzwulfen: Could go either way on.
  • Cabal of Mu: I think they could be reused, possibly with a little less Cthulhu and a little less "apocalyptic threat".

An on the first day of the second month, the Ben did make a thread.

So far, we have seem to have a consensus to

1) Keep the "PC-splats" Normal, Werewolf, Vampire, Sorcerer, Psychic, Ghost, Xenoform.
1A) Probably adding "Possessed" to that list.
2) Keep the Agency, at least in spirit.
3) Have time-travelling Brits vs time-travelling Nazis.

I think we ought to keep the name "The Agency" and keep the leader's codename as "Alpha" (though it's not necessarily the same person behind that codename. I also think we ought to keep the name "Department T" and the character of Hugh Charlesworthy.

Do we want to keep the name "SS Zeitkommando" for the Time-travelling Nazis?

1. I've tweaked things slightly since then. Handgun is 7, light handgun is 6. But yes, rifles do only 1 point of damage more than pistols. I'm OK with this.
2. Flechettes would probably be 6 damage, halves soak. Probably not going on the weapon list, but OK if someone has a burning desire to use it.
3. No. I've upped them to 8.

3. Does 4 damage really represent a grenade?

Re: General Weapons Discussion by VaatradVaatrad, 05 Dec 2009 01:40

Two things right now.

1. On the Firearms draft(daft?) idea page light handgun is damage 7 while bolt-action rifle is only damage 8 although long range.

2. Shotguns can fire flechettes, they give good range and armour penetration but tend to do less damage than other types of shells. If you wanted to have these in OAGS I think they would simply have no special rules, i.e. short range is overcome, and less damage than slugs. However this might create too many possibilities for shotguns.

General Weapons Discussion by VaatradVaatrad, 04 Dec 2009 14:43

No. I decided not to include it.

Re: Plot Points by OuroborosTriumphantOuroborosTriumphant, 27 Nov 2009 15:18

That would be a good idea. I *think* all OAGS example characters and pages that link from the main OAGS index are up to date at moment.

Shall we call current version OAGS 0.35 and go up from there?

I was thinking that it would be good to track what version of OAGS an OAGS page was made in accordance with, or has been checked to be in accordance with. I was thinking here of character stats because they are subject to points costs and character creation rule changes but it should probably apply to all OAGS pages.

Version Tracking by VaatradVaatrad, 24 Nov 2009 23:13

Are we no longer having the 'spend one plot point and add one to a roll' use of plot points?

Plot Points by VaatradVaatrad, 23 Nov 2009 19:48
Re: Test thread by CommisarCommisar, 16 Nov 2009 20:55
Alt thread by VaatradVaatrad, 16 Nov 2009 20:31

and the reply

edit: and the edit

Re: Test thread by VaatradVaatrad, 16 Nov 2009 20:30

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Test thread by VaatradVaatrad, 16 Nov 2009 20:27