Francis Richards

An operative of the Agency. He was a homunculus; an alchemically created human. He was created by Vincent Richards using a Philosopher's Stone in 1980.His "father" treated him extremely poorly and was rescued by the Agency when they defeated Vincent in 1992. The Agency offered the twelve year old boy the choice of being placed with a foster family unaware of the occult or being raised by the Agency. Francis chose to be raised by the Agency and joined as an Investigation operative when he turned 18.

He was bitten by a werewolf in 2007 while serving in an Agency Investigation team. Despite his magickal origins, he was as vulnerable to infection as any other human. He spent two years on the Agency's anti-transformation drugs, during which time he continued to lead an Investigation team. Following the Agency's recovery of Johann Skorzeny's Blitzwulfen ring, he was assigned to Omega Team under Nick Slater. He was killed in 2009 by the Order of Dracula.