Born the seventh son of a seventh son in 1985, there was always something a bit wrong with Gavin. He took a furious interest in science and technology and took a first in Chemistry in 2006. Not too long after that, he tracked a xenotech trading group over the internet. Excited and not really thinking about the consequences or even dangers, he arrived at the group to a hostile reception. In desperation to escape, he ran, hid, and found a Hex rod. With his massive intellect and lack of apprehension, he immediately worked out how to use it and dispatched his attackers. The other side of the deal were The Agency, represented by Francis Smith. Seeing Gavin's talent, Frank recruited him into Sigma team. There, he learned much about xenotech and xenobiology. Following Sigma's betrayal and execution, Gavin was seconded onto a Chemistry master's and then doctorate just to get rid of him for a while. There he was headhunted by Professor Sean Smith, for recruitment into Department T of British Military Intelligence which he gladly took.

Gavin is of a keen intellect, and has an obsession with acidic liquids, believing that one can observe the nature of things by how they react when dipped in acid. He is intimately knowledgeable about most known xenoforms, and is incredibly proficient at analyzing and tinkering with future and xenotech.