General Adams

General Adams is a general in the US army and is the man most responsible for Chrono Force Elite and its operations. Whilst, realistically, he should be both administrating and ordering round the best time soldiers mankind has to offer he instead ends up filling in damage reports, claim forms and other miscellaneous paperwork revolving around Jack Steen's temporal liberty-taking and inability to control his libido or razor-sharp wit, and to a much lesser extent, the paperwork for Team A's wanton destruction wherever they go.

Adams is quite obsessed with the removal of Jack Steen's loose cannon antics from his organisation and, when not trying to adjust for the damage he causes, spends most of his time trying to get Steen fired. He is often foiled at every turn since Lt. Steen is well loved by the American public and the Whitehouse and has saved the world more times than Adams has done press-ups under the boot of a drill sergeant. Despite this, he will never give up.