Genevive Dubois

Born in France during the mid 70s, Genevive found her expertise to be in inquisition and problem solving and joined the police where she soon become a detective. She studied Wing Chun and Tiger Crane under various senseis and won the French Amateur Kung Fu Association tournament in 1997. The following year, she discovered that her husband had been having a long term affair with another woman and beat him to death with her fists and elbows in a bloody rage. Afraid and appalled at her own behavior, she faked her own death and smuggled herself into England. Living as an illegal, she carved out a living working as a freelance detective for married women to find out if their husbands are cheating on them, and then beating them to a bloody pulp.

Avoiding any kind of detection for eleven years and only carrying out works of justice, she caught the eye of the ever vigilant Hugh Charlesworthy and was recruited into his team in 2009.