George Charlesworthy

George Charlesworthy 1933-1994. Son of Hugh Charlesworthy Father of Sir James Charlesworthy

George loved his father deeply and when he left George at the age of 15 it upset him greatly. For the next six years, the Charlesworthy Foundation was essentially run by Mr Stephens, and George was kept busy with school and university where he studied classics. Hugh did appear, from time to time, to offer advice to his only son, but these visits were few and very fleeting. George began to understand the immense responsibility of duty that his father carried and that he must now carry. On turning 21 he gained control of the Charlesworthy Foundation and took it in an entirely new direction. The time travel experiments were still largely being controlled by his father from within the military. So he focused his intelligence on a subject his father had only touched on briefly in his talks with George, the occult. George spent a vast amount of time and wealth accumulating the Charlesworthy Occult Library which up until now contained only those few volumes that Hugh had confiscated from other time periods. George spent the prime of his life being something of an occult investigator eventually gaining him notoriety to the point where, when he darkened your door with his distinctive trilby and cane, you panicked if you possessed more than the standard number of teeth or eyes. Even when his wife died in childbirth he did not falter in his quest to do his father proud.

Eventually he did retire but his retirement was short lived as he died shortly afterwards in a road traffic accident. Officially, anyway, it was found to be an accident, the result of an old man with failing eyes taking to the roads in a vintage car, but those in the know consider that he was likely run off the road by someone in the occult underground whom he crossed.