Gobele, or goblins, are fae inhabitants of Yggdrassil.

A gobele are a short, devious, shrewd, opportunistic, and slightly deranged race of fae. They stand at about four foot, and would be taller if they didn't hunch down all the time. Their red eyes are beady and their mouths are fixed in wide grins full of pointy teeth. Their leathery, wrinkly skin comes in various shades of woody brown, and they typically weak hooded cloaks. They are semi-nomadic, making primitive homes in the great forests of Yggdrassil bringing crime and mischief wherever they go, moving either when there is nothing left to steal or they are being chased by literally the whole town. Like all fae, they are completely transparent to magick and have their own fixed fae powers.

Gobele do, however possess a few good qualities. They are famous for their gobelemarkt, which travels between various universes and worlds buying and selling the most exotic of goods. Gobelemarkts come to Midgard once at mid spring in a village near Trondheim in Norway, and at the end of summer in Bambury, England. Gobele are easily bribed by sweet foods, wine, mead and rare luxuries into doing nearly any work. They also brew fantastic ales if they can settle in a single place for any extended time.

Gobele found outside of Yggdrassil aside from in the gobelemarkt are typically mercenaries or over-adventurous thieves looking for the big score. Gobele adventurers exercise their nimbleness and quick tongues, and rely on their mimicry ability to fool and flummox those they cross, stabbing enemies in the back as soon as it is turned.

Gobele are able to alter their appearance via illusions, assuming the form of a human or humanoid. Each form is specific to the gobele posing as it, for example, when mimicking a human, they always appear as the same unique human and so on.