God's Chosen 2.0

God's Chosen are a secret society formed in 1959 who are aware of secrets man was not meant to know. They have fathomed that the major Abrahamic religions, such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam as well as their more minor tributaries and offshoots are at their core holding the same ideals, sending the same message and paying their respects to the same deity or power, and have been over time have become muddied by traditions, palatteability for the masses and selfish political motivations. This includes xenoform parallels, such as the Phantom's Foivra, or the Khule's Khul-Khe. When stripped down to their cores, they are all identical.

Their doctrine is best described as making an irreligion out of religion. They are taught that human morality is nice to have, but ultimately does not matter. Their religious law is an adherence to the decrees of heaven which are very basic ##color=blue|(Ben?)##. They seek to oppose Lucifer and his minions no matter how great or small, pagan pretenders to a lesser extent, and to aid heaven in every way possible. They seek to manipulate the world's abrahamic religions into becoming more and more homogenus and moderate, ending religion-based conflicts and using their resources.

The leader, and perhaps prophet of God's Chosen is one called Joshua Fidelus. He excelled as a scholar of sorcery with little need for foolish religions. Nevertheless, he heavily studied the mysticism associated with them, after all, he was driven to study everything. His search for more and more knowledge hinted the spells of the religions to be more and more central, and he became more and more determined to get to the bottom of it. With meticulous searching through nearly a thousand employed warlock apprentices, he uncovered a small collection of long-forgotten and previously-thought-lost religious rituals and texts. While largely unimporant in themselves, they helped him to divine a word - that of heaven. He gathered his followers and spoke the word, immediately dying in the process. His soul was ripped from his body and made the slightest touch of the divine realm of heaven before being flung back into his body roughly a day and a half-later where he woke up, much to the surprise of his mourning followers. He claimed to have seen the face of God, and learned the truths of the universe. In reality, he probably saw a very low-ranked angel and what he learned merely scratched the surface, but that was really enough.

His apprentices were his first followers and they set about trying to inform existing clergymen about the 'new orders', but were sternly rebuked. His most inner circle decided that a more subtle approach was required, and thus, a secret society was formed.