Grand Shaman Ulegau

It is not known at what age an An'Tak reaches old age and expires. An'Tak from all walks have been known to live over 100 years and still be in their absolute prime when they die. Most An'Tak meet their end in one of their frequent battles or hunts, and liver cirrhosis finishes off the ones that don't.

One such ancient An'Tak is Karank Mak Tur Cha Hangu a Merogan ka Ulegau, or Grand Shaman Ulegau. He is the sole military and political leader of the state of Ulegau; around 40 million An'Tak. His wisdom is unmatched by few other living things even if his savage racial background would limit his raw brainpower. An experienced shaman and a general of high repute, his citizens are in no hurry to replace him.

Merogan's honours are as follows:

  • Karank - Slain 10,000 men.
  • Mak - Gift of Foresight
  • Tur - Wisdom of the Dead
  • Cha - Mastery of the Spirits (warlord rank shaman)
  • Hangu - Noble House of Hangu

Merogan has thousands of protégés serving beneath him, though few are truly more than aspiring shaman hearing his lectures. It is his duty to choose the chiefs that would lead his military and civilians. Understandably, he is biased towards choosing shamans, though he is increasingly acting patron to the previously unpopular smith/engineer leaders as An'Tak faces a probable technological revolution. At the forefront of these promising candidates is Chu Korokar, a smith with the gift of foresight sent to earth to serve Merlin and genius engineer Saxton Hale and hopefully come back with the patience and experience to be made chief.