Grapholucigenic Drugs

Oracle's Report - 04.04.2133 in reference to findings c. 18.09.2516
Cyberneurologist Dr. J. Edward Vine
Patients are one human soldier, deceased, one an'tak soldier, deceased. Tiny shards of gold recovered from the bloodstreams and embedded in the brain of the deceased upon closer inspection contain an impossibly small chip, much smaller than our advanced techniques can engineer. On the opposite side of the chip, a tiny construction made to emulate synapse connections as to 'hijack' natural synapse and therefore all internal communications within the brain. The chips then feed the brain data directly. It is not known what sort of data can be fed, but near total manipulation of the senses seems to have been achieved. No data can be extracted from the chips at present, so the nature of what the patients experienced exactly. Shears appear to be delivered as part of a blood-contact concoction which also includes a neurostimulant. Nearly all known sentient lifeforms have identical or as good as identical synapse structure to humans, so none of our known forces are safe.

Addendum, Cyberpriest Ikchronyia Man'yo
Though apparently deployed by one of their agents, this technology is not in line with other Chrono Force Elite technology: It is not in line with in their capability or technological aesthetic, but would not be out of place in their tactics. Capability most likely exists within Industrial O'M and its subcompanies, but does not match their 'blunt object' style of engagement. This may indicate a step up due to desperation or technological advancement.