Hana Shinzo

Hana Shinzo is a Time Agent for Hiroshima Aruki chrono Soldiers (HACS). She is combat telepath who works with Chrono Force Elite.

Hana Shinzo is HACS' inside woman in Chrono Force Elite. She is a genetically modified time agent with formidable telepathic powers and combat training. She is the love interest of dashing, hot-blooded and protocol-breaking CFE operative Jack Steen. She has been assigned to Team B within Chrono Force Elite.

Genetic Makeup

Like other HACS agents, Hana's genes are scratch built, sampling patterns from Japan's finest agents and warriors and naturally powerful psychics worldwide. She also has artificial modifications that strengthen her ability to time travel. In order to perform her role, her age has been accelerated slightly beyond what is normal for a HACS agent.


Hana is first and foremost a telepath of great power and superior refinement. Psychic inhibitors and 'lens' modules in her cortex allow her to flex her powers long and hard without them destroying her mind. She has sophisticated bionics, including eyes that boast X-Ray, Spectral and Thermal spectrum reading, and complex targetting arrays that connect to the bionics in her left arm afford her truly perfect aim.


While not truly an enemy in the strictest sense, Hana is a legitimate member of Chrono Force Elite selected from a contingent of Japanese elite forces allowed to work with America's time agency. However, CFE do not know she is part of Japan's secret time project, merely that she is an elite soldier. She reports any and every action that CFE make back to HACS.