The Hashshashin are a group of monster hunters. They are all Ismā'īlī Muslim men trained in a variety of martial arts, including one that is the exclusive to the Hashshashin. They do not make use of magick to any great extent, instead making use of highly effective combat drugs which briefly enhance their speed and strength to superhuman levels. There are, as of 2011, about 50 full members of the Hashshashin, with another 20 in apprenticeships.

Hashshashin work alone or as master-and-apprentice pairs, but the entire order assemble once a year in the ruins of the fortress Alamut, in Iran, to discuss their plans for the upcoming year, elect the Grand Master for the next year and to pray. The current Grand Master is Muhammed Al'Muktar Mahuddin

In 2092, the Hashshashin debated whether or not to join the Master Church. The debate escalated to sword fighting and by dawn those opposed to the motion had been purged. Since then, the Hashshashin have served as assassins and covert operatives for the Master Church. Since then, a small group of them led by Hamed Al'Harabim have defected to N under the leadership of Rosa Luisa Gales.