Heaven is a spiritual dimension and the capital of the Loyalist Faction of angels. No human soul who has entered Heaven has ever returned to speak of it, but the Loyalist Faction claims that Heaven is ruled by God and that the human souls that enter it are purified into angels of the lower choirs. Heaven is, therefore, according to the Loyalist faction, a place of perfect happiness because all who dwell within it are without sin and take endless joy from simple and perfect obedience to God.

Human souls without a body, such a ghosts or those astrally projecting, may enter Heaven through gates which exist incorporeally throughout the world. Angels of the Loyalist Faction guard these gates; they will explain to any soul that wishes to enter that they must first be cleansed of sin, a process which renders the soul perfectly obedient to God. Any soul that understands this and still wishes to proceed is cleansed and enters Heaven. Any soul which decides not the enter Heaven is allowed to go on its way. Any soul which attempts to force entry while refusing to be cleansed is destroyed by the angels' flaming swords.

Loyalist angels, as well as certain humans, appear to be somehow attuned to the energies of Heaven and able to draw upon them to injure or repel those aligned with Hell. Those attuned to Heaven in this way are sometimes referred to as the Forces of Light.