Hell is a spiritual dimension and the capital of the Rebel Faction of angels. No human soul which has entered Hell has ever returned to speak of it, but the Loyalist Faction claim that any soul which enters hell is subjected to an eternity of suffering. Hell is ruled by Lucifer, though rumours of lesser rebellions with the Rebel Faction are occasionally heard.

Human souls without a body, such a ghosts or those astrally projecting, may enter Hell through gates which exist incorporeally throughout the world. Angels of the Rebel Faction often linger near these gates to try and tempt souls to enter, though some gates are left unattended to tempt the curious. Although they are forbidden by the Treaty to forcibly abduct human souls, the Rebel Faction is willing to tell any lie and make any promise to get human souls to enter the gate. If a deal is made with a human for their soul, either before or after death and the Rebel fulfils their half of the deal, the Treaty permits them to force the soul through a gate.

Rebel Angels, as well as certain beings such as vampires are attuned to the energies of Hell. They can be injured or repelled by energies associated with Heaven. Such individuals are known as Beings of Darkness.