Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers (HACS)


In the Hiroshima nuclear attack of 1945, most of Hiroshima was levelled and its citizens killed. This region was targeted by the Americans partially because of its military importance, but mainly on account of reports from Chrono-Force Elite that the Japanese were harbouring alien schematics and developing xenotech in secretive labs there. President Truman believed there to be a significant and imminent threat to American security in the xenotech and ordered the nuclear attack.

One hundred and fifty years later, in 2095, purely technological advances have allowed the Japanese Secret Service to develop backwards time-travel. Soon the secret Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers were formed, primarily to recover the technologies and research lost in Hiroshima but also to discover and investigate all instances of xenotech leading up the invention of Japanese time travel.

List of Known Agents
Kaori Tamakeri, a time agent who hunts Industrial O'm.
Takeru Hikarino, a time agent who hunts The Master Church and other God's Chosen.
Ogawa Hatsuharu, a time agent who hunts Alpha Machine.

List of Proprietary Technologies
Distortion Generator