A hybrid is a half-human, half xenoform entitiy.

When a man loves a woman, and a woman loves a man, sometimes a baby can be on the way. When a xenoform loves a human, the same can sometimes happen. Children born to one human parent, and one xeno parent are known as hybrids. In many cases humans and xenoforms are compatible for reproduction usually due to physiologies being too different to mate. Some however, can occasionally reproduce with humans due to perfect conditions or luck, and some can even reproduce with humans just as well as other humans can. Xenoforms classified as gods can choose whether or not their unity with a human conceives a child, though this is nearly always done for a purpose and produces a much better cross-race specimen called a demigod.


Hybrids mate with humans in the same way as humans mate with humans, and sometimes comply with the cultural responsibilities it brings with them, or force their own cultural expectations on the child and other parent. Some just leave them with the baby, or leave carrying the baby back to whence they came. Like human births, the children's traits are decided by genes and chance in the usual genetic way. For example, crosses between phantoms and humans look like a mix of both parents as far as can be expected, but always share eye color with the human parent. Supernatural traits of the xeno parent are often modified by certain traits of human parents, whether these traits are obviously related or not. It's just a matter of what genes meet. Taking half-phantom children as an example again, they will inherit a phantom's superior agility, however higher potential for height and muscle mass inherited from the human parent can dull this ability, whereas if the child grows up to be somewhat gangly, their agility and speed will make a mockery of even the fastest pure-bred phantoms. The final genetic factor of the hybrid equation is that sometimes, the unity between the two races can cause the occasional unpredictable result, referred to as a mutation. These mutations are often beneficial or superficial, but on occasion are malignant. If the human parent is psychic, or if the child becomes psychic in the womb, these mutations are much more likely and multiple mutations are possible.

Hybrids are rare on Earth, since the likelihood of them being born there is extremely low and even then hybrids of certain types are more common than others.

Xenoform races that can produce hybrids