Idannya Gregor

Idannya's original name has long since been discarded, however, she is phantom hailing from the city of Désesizio on her homeworld of Leroux. At her birth, it was noted that her eyes were entirely black orbs, not like normal phantom eyes (which are basically the same as human eyes). This, combined with her looks in general as she reached maturity made her look identical to the merciless angel of death in the legends of their faith. As one could imagine, she was thoroughly ostracized by society and grew up bitter and resentful. She learned the usual phantom martial crafts, which came in useful against the varied attempts on her life from riled freak chasers.

Chance for a change came when she met a human sorceror called Khalid Din who was on an exploratory trip to Leroux, searching for potential allies. He promised to take her away to his world, where they would value her 'connection to eternity' and 'relieve the curse of an ignorant society'. At first Idannya agreed to live with the humans for a short time to see what it was like, however she was instantly hit by the respect and fraternity of those in the cult of N that she decided to stay almost immediately. She was initiated into seph'an in the name of Tath-Qui and Harei and was put to work in the grand temple of Harei. She also took a Chatuth name; Idannya. She rose through the ranks to become a necrolyte of Harei. It is at this point she accepted an invite from the Ascension military to join team Zarathustra, a specialist team of heroes at the request of Khalid.