This article is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

There are many, many differences between our world and the Hughniverse. However most of these differences are secret from the population of Hughniverse-Earth. However, there are a few differences which are immediately obvious to everyone.

  • The Tories are in power in UK and have been since 2006.
  • George W. Bush was lost to Al Gore in 2000, with ongoing effect on American politics. The Republicans are in power currently and are considerably less involved with the Religious Right than they are in our world.
    • 9/11 never occurred and most people in the West would not recognize the name "Al'Qaeda". The bogeyman of American politics is China, not terrorism.
    • There is not currently a global economic recession.
  • Yataris is a household names, making everything from cars, to planes, to gaming consoles (The Yataris FUNolith).
  • Hector Industries, Seraphim Industries, the Charlesworthy Foundation and the Akasuki-Hanso Corporation are less well known, but are still significant in their fields. Hector Industries' headquarters, 1 Camelot Place is noticeable in the London skyline and many people own Akasuki-Hanso HD TVs, while Seraphim Industries is making the replacement to the M16 and the Charlesworthy Foundation is headed by minor celebrity Sir James Charlesworthy.
  • There are quite a few peices of fiction which do not exist.
  • People say No shit, Columbo!.
  • There is no Hugh Charleswiki, no OAGS and no Liverpool RPGsoc. Every Wednesday the Liverpool University Sci-Fi society meets in the Guild Library.
    • I would like to motion to change this to Liverpool Conspiracy Society, where slightly paranoid nerds research and chase leads to odd happenings.
    • I have no strong feelings either way, but if our equivalents are conspiracy nuts, we ought to be utterly clueless for comic effect
    • Obviously. In my mind's eye they are a parallel to the lone gunman crew from the X-Files.