Industria is a parallel universe. It does not appear to be created by time travel nor ritual. The point of divergence between our universe and it seems to have begun with Leonardo DaVinci being born as a mad scientist type psychic. Many subsequent prominent inventors and scientists have been born with this psychic gift also. To this end, proliferation of other psychics have suffered since that day. Where telepaths and telekinetics are the most common type of psychic in our world, they are among the rarest in Industria.

Thanks to Da Vinci's genius, the leaders of Florence managed to conquer the entire Mediterranean ring, northern africa and the middle-east by the 1600s. They could easily have conquered more, however, what was left were colder lands the proud Florentinian lords simply did not want. Due to their conquest, explorers from Spain and Portugal were not allowed to go on foolish quests to find the edge of the world, and instead to help explore and develop Africa. As a consequence, America and Australia were not invaded, colonized, nor even heard about outside Nordic storytelling circles. At around that time, more and more mad scientists were inventing wondrous things in other lands and the Industrial revolution began early.

As the world became more and more industrialised, the conception and evolution of Marxism was accelerated. The Tzar dynasty was overthrown in the bloody Russian Revolution of 1706 and replaced with a semi-meritocratic socialism, whereby the scientists (mad or otherwise) ran the people's government. They then continued to absorb surrounding nations either via invasion or inciting similar revolutions whose leaders then 'willingly' elected to join them, forming the SSU, or Soviet Scientific Union. Fränkereich (or northern France) suffered a similar revolution, but was soon divided and crushed from two sides by Florence and Prussia, both sides fearing similar revolutions. In response, Northern European Nations entered into a pact called the Nordic Alliance, sworn to fight the socialist plague beginning to infest their lands. Florence did not join this pact as its Lords refused to associate with the northern 'Barbarians' for anything more than necessary goods trade.

In 1936, an ex-soldier named Adolf Hitler rose to power in Prussia and began rousing people in Prussia, his homeland Austria, and in all the Nordic lands to unite against socialism. With a strong ally in British Prime-Minister, Hugh Charlesworthy, the Nordic alliance Liberated several soviet-held countries, and small pieces of Russia itelf, deploying their giant mechanical dogs alongside their men to crush soviet lines and push the border. On and off battles between east and west would happen right into the present day. Fearing the worst, Florence would often lash out at any battles happening near their borders.

Technology in Industria seems to have progressed little further than clockpunk and steampunk levels, as Mad Science seems to synergise best to those particular forms of technology. Electricity has been discovered, but is not used for much more than relatively simple electronics, such as lightbulbs, CRT televisions and very simple computers. Electricity-based mad science is referred to with the prefix 'Jazz'. It is rumoured that soviet scientists are desperately developing Jazz technology to gain an edge over the rest of the world however it is extremely unrefined and dangerous, killing many scientists every year.


People of Interest

Hugh Charlesworthy - Prime-Minister of Great Britain. Appointed Prime-Minister for life by the Queen in 1968 after being re-elected again and again for over forty years. Hugh has provided Great Britain with glorious and fair leadership for nearly eighty years, and he has barely aged a day since he was first iaugerated. Has no knowledge of time travel.
Jim Charlesworthy - Conservative MP for Maidenhead. Head of Charlesworthy Institute.
Adolf Hitler - Chancellor of Prussia. Appointed himself Führer for life in 1939 after several successes against the soviets. Did not go on a genocidal rampage as there was no world war one and no Jews to kill as the Florentines wiped them out many years ago. Has provided Prussia with nearly seventy years of glorious leadership, and has not aged a day since being made Chancellor.
Grand General Jack "The Ripper" Chapman - British-born head of the Nordic Alliance, supreme commander of the British Army beneath the Queen. Has held these posts since before 1945; the end of the East Europe campaign. Provided glorious leadership for yadda yadda yadda.

Julian Adler - Alpha of The Agency, a secret London-based occult research organisation. Believes there to be foul play within the Nordic Leaders.
Sergeant Thunder - Omega of the Agency. Ex-army, Ex-bounty hunter. Restored to youth with the Elixir of life.
Nick Slater - Agency Operative, Omega Team. Ex-SAS member from the Soviet war, escaped when Jack the Ripper tried to sire him. Restored to youth with the Elixir of life.
Major Kim Thomlinson - Agency Operative, Omega Team.
Maurice Colverston-Fitt - Agency Operative, Omega Team.
Joanne Smith - Psi of the Agency. Operates a dangerous and experimental 'Jazz-Tank'. Not dead.
Maddie Edwards - Agency Operative, Psi Team. Only telepath known by the agency.
Kaori Acacciare - A mysterious Jazzpunk from Cha Pan. On loan to the agency under Anna Smith's command.
Doctor Schadenfreude - Government scientist in Prussia. Inside man for the agency, along with Martin Gruber.