Interest 9

Interest 9 are a secret society that involve themselves in all things technological.

Interest-9 started off some time in the 1930s as a small-scale conspiracy of several dozen scientists within nine large technology companies worldwide who would trade and pool secret technological data with each other in order to circumvent things like patents and copyrights with the aim of increasing their understanding and to spark new ideas. Their contributions to both sides they made in World War II rocketed their knowledge base and advancement, though one of these companies was eliminated due to the nuclear strike on Hiroshima. As they advanced though the following decades, they set up a corporate front in Tokyo, added multiple companies to their portfolio and created several new ones. With the rise of the internet, they mostly abandoned their building save for the use of a few of its companies and adopted a more decentralised model with servers and accounts spread all over the world in nearly every territory in one shape or another.

I9, as many know them, aim to have as many brilliant and bright members as possible working for the most advanced companies, improving their products for the good of technology, and stealing their corporate secrets, patents, technological data and anything else they can scrounge for the good of Interest 9. They attempt to get members in corporate positions and syphon off their cash or information. Finally, they will attempt to influence governments to make legislation more research and education friendly.

Though they are squarely based in technology, Interest 9 also explore the workings of the supernatural. They have extensive collections of magickal, ritual and supernatural knowledge, which is mostly stolen. They frequently conduct research upon psychics and xenoforms, not all of it particularly savoury. Nevertheless, they turn results and the yeilded data is very valuable to their society.

Known Conspirators

Xue Jiao - CEO of Xue Jian ltd, expert on xenotech and psychics. Proprietor of the Telepath Guild.
Arthur McCoy - Better known as Mu of The Agency. Reports the agency's activities and findings to I9, in return benefits the agency with access to expansive xenobiology files.
Gerhardt Schadenfreude - Experienced medical researcher and competent alchemist. In contact with many London-based groups.
John Seraphim - Owner of Seraphim Industries. Expert on high tech weaponry and trusted ally of several armed forces, such as Australia.

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