Interogation 147

Transcripted from recording.

SLATER: Interogation begins fourteen-oh-three hours on the fourth of January, 2011. Present are myself, Agent Edwards, Codename Delta, Codename Gamma and the subject, whose dogtags indicate his name is Hans Johanson.


SLATER: Agent Edwards has informed me that the subject is immune to telepathy and his aura is white with silver streaks. I will now wake the subject.

<A slap is heard>

SLATER: Wake up you Nazi peice of shit!

SUBJECT: <indistinct mutterings in German>

<repeated slaps>

SLATER: We're going to start with the easy questions. What is your name?

SUBJECT: I will tell you nothing!

SLATER: I am at this point going to make use of enhanced interogation techniques.

<There are the sounds of a struggle and then the sound of running water and gagging. This goes on for some time.>

SLATER: Ready to answer some question?


SLATER: Subject is nodding. What is your name?

SUBJECT: I am Hans Johanson, Untersturmführer of the SS-Zeitkommando. My serial number is 1-2-7-4…

SLATER: We do not give a shit about your serial number.

SUBJECT: My understanding is that under the Geneva…

SLATER: We do not give a shit about the Geneva Convention. What is this "Zeitkommando"?

SUBJECT: We are a division of the SS, responsible for time warfare.

GAMMA: Time warfare? As in time travel warfare?


SLATER: Answer the question.


GAMMA: How is this time travel acheived?

SUBJECT: There are these witches… they… I don't fully understand…

SLATER: Cut the crap, Hans. How is it done?

SUBJECT: A ritual! But they need artifacts!

DELTA: Define "artifacts"

SUBJECT: I don't know, I don't…

<A slap is heard>

SLATER: Subject is being uncooperative. I am going to resume use of enhanced interogation techniques.

SUBJECT: Please! No! I'm telling you everything I know!

SLATER: What kind of artifacts, Hans?

SUBJECT: Religious sometimes. They can often do things before the ritual drains them.

GAMMA: Supernatural things?

SUBJECT: Yes! There was a sword made of blue metal…

GAMMA: Eerily light? Seemed to guide itself toward the target?


GAMMA: Go on. You say these magick items are drained by the ritual?

SUBJECT: Yes, they crumble to dust.

GAMMA: <presses intercom> Mr Fitt to holding cell 14…

<Gamma is punched. He grunts and falls to the floor>

DELTA: Sorry, Adrian.

<sudden commotion>

DELTA: You took your sweet time.

<gunshots and the sound of combat>

CHARLESWORTHY: Remember, non-lethal force!

<gunshots and the sound of combat>

LEXY: Christ, Wright, that was vicious.

WRIGHT: He'll live. You allright, Steed?

DELTA: I'll be fine. Let's get out of here.