Considered the center of the world for over one thousand years, Istanbul once was what London is now – the occult capital of Earth. However, since the rise of other empires and the fall of the Ottoman, it has lost much of its former glory. Istanbul is a popular refuge for occultists purged from middle-eastern locations, as it is a place that the Hashshashin and Mossad consider beyond their bother except for the direst circumstances. It was also popularised by those fleeing the Third Reich and Soviet States, and refugees from Africa who bought their exotic magicks. This melting pot produces a rich and diverse magickal culture. With no official group aiming to reign in rogue mages or rampaging xenoforms, Istanbul does it the old fashioned way – those who come close to ruining it for everyone else are ganged up on and lynched, and all their stuff taken for good measure. It is not a perfect system, but generally, it works.