Jack Steen

Jack Steen is arguably the greatest agent Chrono Force Elite have ever, or will ever produce. He is sooooo-oooo cute!

Jack Steen is an elite operative assigned to 'Team B' of Chrono Force Elite's dispatch teams. He is an unparalleled soldier and a heartthrob. He is said to have romantic connections with Hana Shinzo, however this is likely a fallacy; he in fact has romantic connections to everyone not in possession of a Y chromosome.

Jack is the archetypal successful loose cannon of Chrono Force Elite, akin to famous figures such a Dirty Harry, Captain Kirk and the like. He is hot-blooded, contemptuous of rules-bound authority figures, and breaks the protocol whenever the opportunity presents itself. While this is a major headache for those both above and below him, none can deny the positive impact he makes on every mission and the results he produces time and time again.

Jack Steen Quotes:

"You have the right to remain silent; so shut the hell up." - Catchphrase
"You say tomato, I say reach for the sky or I'll blow your head off." - Attempting to arrest Hugh Charlesworthy.
"General Adams? I hate that guy. He's always so negative; *impersonating Adams* 'The Time Nazis have invaded Poland!', 'N are trying to melt everyone's brains!', 'Hitler's brain in a jar is rampaging around downtown Tokyo in a gigantic robot suit made of guns and darkness by witches and fairies!'. That guy needs to take a chill pill." - On General Adams