Jason Karr

Jason is a movie star, musician and one of the richest, most loved celebrities on Earth. He first rose to fame as the lead singer of boy band Falling Angels, at the age of 18. They were insanely successful, heralded even more than a decade later as the greatest ever boy band. After four years with Falling Angels, he left to pursue a solo career, where he was even more successful, selling millions of CDs and becoming extremely rich. When he was 25, he stared in his first film The White Cat a romantic comedy that broke box-office records. He has since rose to international super-stardom the likes of which Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake or Johnny Depp could only wish for. He lives in a Los Angeles mansion built from stone specially imported from a Russian quarry near Volgograd. He is single since his divorce two years ago and his ex-wife's tragic car accident shortly after. He is 34 years old as of 2009.

Jason is, in secret, the high priest of Satan's Chosen Temple and the host of the rebel angel Baal. He sold himself, body and soul, to the service of Hell in exchange for fame at the age of 16, sacrificing his 12 year old sister to Satan in order to seal the contract. The murder was covered up so completely that at this point it would take a talented investigator to even find out Jason had ever had a younger sister. Jason is a shallow and cruel individual, completely obsessed with his own fame. When not under Baal's control, he is remarkably uncharismatic (though still exceptionally good looking), being creepy and narcissistic even by Hollywood standards. However, when appearing in public and under the control of the fallen angel, Jason is witty, eloquent and charming; the perfect face-man for the Temple of Satan.