Jekyll And Hyde

Doctor Henry Jekyll was born on the 13th of November, 1850. He was a doctor and chemist who struggled with dark urges all his life. Despite his good nature and benevolence, he found himself tempted to do the most terrible things. In 1886, he created a potion, with the intention of separating his good and bad sides. Drinking this potion transformed Jekyll into a psychopath completely without conscience; Edward Hyde. Jekyll was horrified by the actions of Hyde, but became addicted to the sense of catharsis he experienced while transformed. Finally, after Hyde beat a Member of Parliament to death in a fit of rage, Jekyll destroyed his stocks of the potion, resolute to become Hyde no more.

Unfortunately, the potion had altered Jekyll. He found himself experiencing blackouts, transforming into Hyde without the potion. Although Jekyll tried to keep Hyde under control, Hyde, enraged by Jekyll's attempts to dispose of him, began murdering for sport. In the autumn of 1888, Hyde committed five murders in Whitechapel, becoming known to the police as Jack the Ripper. After the fourth killing, Hyde remained in control permanently and he no doubt would have continued his killing spree had he not come to the attention of Dracula.