Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth was a being who lived in Galilee from about 4 BC to about AD 30. His followers founded the religion of Christianity. It is known for certain that Jesus was a powerful agent of Heaven, although his exact nature is not known, even to the occult community. Of the various immortal and long-lived beings in existence, relatively few were alive in the early 1st century and of those, only one is known to have been active in Judea.

This individual, a sorcerer in possession of a Philosopher's Stone by the name of Gaius Tarabius claimed later to have encounter Jesus once. According to Gaius, Christ had an aura of brilliant white, above and beyond that of True Faith, and was flanked by 7 angels. Tarabius fled the country rather than meddle in the affairs of the Divine and it was only later that he heard of Christ being put to death.

Tarabius himself vanished around the fifth century, making further investigation into the nature of the Nazarine impossible without time travel.