Jesus Ramirez

Jesus Antonio Ramirez(1970-) is a highly talented Mexican sorcerer. Formerly a Magus of the Cabal of Mu he defected to the Agency in 2011, becoming the new Sigma. He refuses to discuss the reasons for his defection, but has won the Agency's limited trust by furnishing them with extensive details about the Cabal's plans and internal structure, confirming for the first time the existance of the Grand Magi.

Ramirez is one of the most talented sorcerers in the world, but his mental health and physical health were wrecked by his escape from the Cabal. He rarely sleeps more than 3 hours a night before he wakes in a cold sweat, screaming in Ancient Muan. He has also been poisoned with Kraken Venom, one of the few conditions the Elixir of Life cannot cure. A variety of talismans and herbal drinks, coupled with a full blood change every 72 hours have slowed the damage caused by the venom, but it is nevertheless slowly destroying Ramirez's central nervous system.