Jose Kanyusi

José has OAGS Stats.

José Kanyusi is a navy SEAL assigned to Chrono Force Elite's Team B dispatch team. He is a determined and experienced frogman and infiltrationist. He hails from Guatemala and is currently the only elite operative they employ from Latin America.

José is perhaps the very best in the world at what he does, and he is kitted out with exotic and experimental gear to make him an unstoppable force underwater. His gear includes the following:

Placomarlin Fibersuit - A waterproof suit that is synthesized from a rubbery metal compound 'Placocite' which is fitted to a kinetic resonance wave amplifier. The suit is also micro-ridged as to direct the movement of these waves. This all amounts to a suit of rubber steel that propels José though the water at speeds of up to 60 kph.

Laser Harpoon - This harpoon gun fires not only superheated harpoons but also includes an option to operate as a laser colt weapon.

Porous Sapphire - Made long ago by a mysterious wizard, this apparently ruined and worthless sapphire feeds a constant stream of oxygen to whoever has it placed in their mouth. José has it embedded in a tongue stud.