Julian Adler

Julian Adler (1963-) is a member of the Adler family and the leader of the Agency. He is an excellent sorcerer and barrister, but his true genius is as a leader and organiser.

Julian was born to Arthur and Mary Adler on January 20th, 1963. He attended Bradfield College, as had his father and achieved As at A-level in History, Latin, Law, Philosophy and Greek. He spent a gap year in Egypt, before going on to study Law at St. Todd's College Oxford, where Professor George Moon was one of his tutors. Julian was one of Professor Moon's favourite students and they rapidly developed a close friendship.

When Professor Moon was brutally murdered early in Julian's second year, Julian was shocked. He was even more shocked, however, to discover that Moon had left a large collection of occult tomes to Julian in his will. Julian was initially skeptical, but when he tried a few of the easier rituals and they worked, he rapidly became fascinated. Julian showed the books to a few of his close friends and together they experimented with magick.

In 1985, Julian killed his first vampire, three nights before his finals. After graduating, he continued monster hunting, gathering a growing group of companions. He also became a successful barrister, using the money to fund his monster hunting. In 1990, he assisted the Acolytes of the Self in fleeing the former Soviet Union and, using the money they paid him in return, bought out the remainder of the devastated KnightCorp company, rebranding it Hector Industries. He approached his friends from university and asked them if they would be interested in joining his new Agency. Most accepted.

Julian continued to run the Agency from 1990 to 2009, the demands of running the expanding organization leaving him little time for anything else. In 1994, he withdrew from doing fieldwork and began hiding his identity behind the codename "Alpha". In 2009, the Agency was betrayed to the Order of Dracula by Frank Smith, one of Adler's oldest friends. He was turned into a vampire and Psi Team were forced to destroy him.

In early 2012, a number of surviving Agency operative committed suicide with the intent of entering Hell and rescuing Adler. Against all odds and despite considerable personal suffering, they succeeded. Adler and the others returned from Hell as ghosts, though displaying the gold aura of angels for some reason. However, this was part of a long term plan by Lucifer. By rescuing Adler, the Agency operatives had weakened the boundary between Earth and Hell, allowing Lucifer to possess the American president. Adler's ghost was able to negotiate a truce between the Illuminati and MJ-12 and this alliance, with assistance from the Agency ghosts, were able to banish Lucifer back to Hell and restore normality, but not before Lucifer plunged the world into the Nuclear War and they themselves destroyed Washington D.C.

After this, Adler's exhausted ghost chose to dissipate itself rather than continue trying to change the world. Anna Smith and Nick Slater joined him in this. Maurice Colverston-Fitt had already been dissipated as a cost of the ritual to banish Lucifer.

Julian's favourite food is mayonnaise.