The Juvanni are a race of red-skinned xenoforms averaging about 5 feet tall with very broad shoulders. They have a roughly medieval level of technology, but have domesticated a number of animal species of their universe which a possessed of powerful supernatural powers.

The Juvanni are insanely militaristic. In Juvanni society, military rank and social rank are identical. The leader, the High Warlord, has earned rulership over the planet by being the greatest military mind amongst the Juvanni. Those Juvanni unable to meet the harsh requirements of military service occupy the lowest rung. Those who are not strong enough to work in the fields or in the factories are executed.

The Juvanni army is organized in Legions, each 100 Juvanni strong. 100 Legions form a Company, 100 Companies form an Army and there are 456 Armies under the command of the High Warlord. Each Legion, Company and Army has a Champion to accept fights to single combat if required. The High Warlord is represented by the Juvanni Grand Champion, the second highest ranked individual in Juvanni society.