Kaea is a member of the Sephanus race of gods. She was once its sole survivor before she recovered and restored two other members. She is credited as the 'creator' of the race of chatuth and the architect of their intergalactic nation. According to intelligence stolen from the Time Nazis and the Alpha Machine, Kaea is speculated to be around 13 000 years old.

Kaea was born in a parallel universe whose name has long been forgotten, to a race of supremely evolved immortals which were on Azrael's watch for cleansing, lest they grow powerful enough to challenge heaven. When she came of age, before she could reach adulthood she was to live amongst mortals on earth and lead them into a golden age. She later learned of a traitor to the Sephana, known only as N who plotted to thwart Kaea's people using their rivals. This ritual was cut short when a catastrophe thundered around the planet sinking two entire continents and shattering her homeworld, blasting trillions of tiny fragments of it out into earth's starry void, cutting her ritual short.

Perhaps the one conventional deity worthy of the title of 'god', Kaea took primordial microbes on a distant planet and hyper-engineered them, accelerated their evolution and moulded them in the shape of the humans she once knew. She and her pantheon walked among her people, governed them, and presided over prosperous age.


As founder of the religion, creator of the Chatuth, and nominal guide of the humans, all participants of Seph'an pay homage to Kaea. Her teachings are central to Chat'uth law and social dealings. As one of three gods in the upper circle of the pantheon, roughly one third of Chatuth are dedicated to her and follow her more meticulous rules. In general, Kaea's teachings promote social transparent, co-operation, the letter of the law and that progress is priority. Some of her more detailed tenets include:

  • Science yields order from disorder.
  • From the simplest pulley or lever to the most marvellous space station, machines are extensions and multipliers of the self, of the soul, and elements thereof.
    • To destroy a machine is to destroy a part of its creator and he who it was created for; do not take the decision to destroy a machine lightly.
    • The machines of sinners can be redeemed, such as the machines of the pure can be perverted.
    • Patents are sacred. Patents give right to claim royalties and creative input on any use of the technology, rather than those on Earth. Patents last for life.
  • Inventions are manifestations of the will, desire or mind, and of intentions towards self and others. Inventions are the most glorious religious gift.
  • The understanding of the laws of the universe, and the useful machines this understanding yields dissolves the distinction between the inner world of desires and intentions and the outer world of action and consequence. A ‘machinist’ can become one with the universe by externalizing their desires through a mastery of technology.


Devoted worshipers of Kaea tend to be bright and industrious but frequently disregard and offend the feelings of other people. They are taught to analyze and evaluate everything, always looking for improvements and positive changes. Only advanced worshipers of Kaea are granted her blessings; everyone else has to fill their heads with understanding and mastery of Chatuth's glittering repertoire of technologies. Even then, her gifts are essentially tools to continue learning and working beyond physical possibility. Her priesthood are also the engineers of the Chatuth race, her more lowly worshipers playing the roles of technicians and operators. Human worshipers of Kaea, few of whom she accepts into a priesthood, have made rip-roaring headway with developing offensive weapons - a major taboo amongst the Chatuth.